SwitchLight - Green has never been this easy.

SwitchLight is a new way to go green! Replace your traditional bulbs with LEDs easily.

Going green will save you time and money. Since SwitchLight LEDs are made to last a lifetime, you'll be rewarded for a lifetime, too!

See how much you'll save with SwitchLight today!

The SwitchLight App

The SwitchLight App is the easiest way to convert your entire home or business to LEDs.

Simply by going from room to room, fixture by fixture and plugging in information about what you have, SwitchLight will convert to the LEDs you need.

You'll also get information about how much you'll save!

SwitchLight Enterprise

SwitchLight Enterprise is here to meet your large-scale needs. Whether you're planning new construction or retrofitting an existing structure, we can help.

Take advantage of the SwitchLight Enterprise suite of tools to mass convert and order lighting for your project.

You'll get granular savings estimates and return on investment calculations.